Munsey's Bear Camp
  Kodiak Bear Viewing Trips

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Experience the once-in-a-lifetime thrill of watching a magnificent Kodiak Bear chase salmon in the frigid waters of Uyak Bay.  As the pink salmon move into the bay and head upstream to spawn, the bears are waiting.  In July, as the salmon mill in front of the stream mouths and prepare to go upstream, the bears feed on them in salt water in the tidal flats.  By August, as the salmon move upstream, the bears follow and begin fishing in the shallow areas of the streams.  By September, all the salmon are upstream and starting to weaken after their long voyage, which makes them easy prey for bears.  This is a very active means of fishing.  There are no falls for the bears to catch the fish, so they must actually chase down the salmon.  It's quite a thrill to watch a large bear run full speed through 4 - 6 inches of water, chasing a salmon as it races for deeper water.  We only take small groups (4 - 6 people) so we are able to get within excellent viewing and photographic range.  We are not restricted to a platform, so we are able to go to the bears instead of waiting for them to come to us, all the while being careful not to disturb them as they fatten up on salmon to prepare for the upcoming winter.  You are, of course, under the direct supervision of Master Guide Mike Munsey at all times.

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In addition to bear viewing, we have an abundance of other wildlife that we will stop to photograph along the way, including many bald eagles, blacktail deer, foxes, seals, sea otter, puffins and each trip we'll take a cruise out to the mouth of the bay to watch the large Fin Whales feeding on krill.    It's also not uncommon to see Humpback Whales or a pod of Killer Whales cruising through the bay in search of food.