l to r: Judy, Andrew, Brian, Braden, Melvin, Austin, 

                                                                                        Carolyn, BJ, Mark, Alicia, Brenda

  The Schultz Family (in a nutshell)

Melvin and Carolyn (Finkenbinder) Schultz were married on July 30, 1961.  Melvin was raised on a farm and owned horses his entire life.  It didn't take long for Carolyn to share in his passion for solid built foundation cattle horses.  The farm and ranch were the life and over the years different interests came and went but the horses and cattle remained.  

Slowly, they built up (this is where the "for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer" part came in).  Melvin and Carolyn are both retired, though it's difficult to get them very far from the farm.  They both like to travel but "4 hours from home is far enough and there has to be horses or cattle involved in the trip somehow". They have become the Public Relations portion of the family business.  Melvin is still in the fields and pastures and Carolyn spends her "spare" time volunteering at the Osborne County Historical Society as well as directing the Waldo Heritage Museum.

Brian and Mark, who both grew up farming are now in charge with Melvin in a "Supervisory" position.  Along with the cattle, horses and farming,  they also run Schultz Welding, plus numerous other projects.  Carolyn and Brenda are the family "bookies", Box S Printing was born in 2009 with several local history books in the works.  Stay tune for more.

Brian (the fix-it man) married Judy Workman and they have two sons, Andrew and Braden. Between farm and family, he also finds time to organize the Ranch Rodeo at the Osborne Co. Fair. Judy keeps busy with taking care of the family and a full time job as head cook at Lucas-Sylvan Elementary.  Andrew and fiancee Forrest have recently moved back to Lucas and are helping on the farm.  Their son, Calvin, is keeping us all on our toes.  Braden is attending Fort Hays and playing football for the Tigers!!

Brenda (the Webmaster) lives in Beloit and comes home to help with the minor things like Harvest,  Calving season and Fall Round Up.  With a full time job at Boettcher Supply in the Small Engine department, she still finds time to help on the farm and manages to hit auctions and garages sales looking for bargains to sell on Ebay.  

Mark (the Git-Er-Done Guy) married BJ Thomson and have two children Alicia, Austin Ben, and Sydney. BJ is a stay at home mom and sells Scentsy products in her spare time.  Mark juggles farm and family as well as being a board member of the Osborne County Farm Bureau and also  the Osborne County chapter of the Kansas Livestock Association. 

More history to come (if I can remember it)

Of course, what working farm  and ranch would be complete without a Right Hand Man (or dog).  Box S Ranch has a Right Hand "man" and a Left Hand "man.  

                                   Buddy is the total security package on the south edge of the farm.  He is definitely Mom's dog and will BuddyDog.JPG (48388 bytes)protect her at all cost unless you offer him a cinnamon roll, then all bets are off.  Buddy would like everyone to think he spends his days chasing off predators and protecting us from fierce intruders like birds, bunnies or the occasional stray cat that wanders into the yard. His hobbies include swimming in his wading pool (but we only get wet from the knees down), checking on the cattle and horses and eating chop pork sandwiches.


                                    Dusty, on the North End, is a true Cow dog, unless the cow is looking at him or headed in his Dusty2.JPG (97796 bytes)direction.  He has true talent when it comes to predicting stormy spring weather which has earned him the nickname of "Doppler Dog".  When Dusty comes to the shed and heads for the back corner, that usually means a storm is coming.  Dusty enjoys spending his time swimming in the pond, staying out of the calves way and trying desperately to steal anything that resembles food.  He has taken the Challenge and prefers Pepsi over Coca-Cola.



Cow Horses --

Raised and used in cattle country by cattlemen!


Snapshots - everything from waiting at the fence for a little attention (or more likely, something to eat) to soaking up a little sun.


We have many two and three year olds for sale as well as Brood Mares.  If there are any horses pictured  you are interested in, please feel free to call us at either of the numbers listed or use the e-mail link on the front page and put "Web Site Horse  Question" in the subject line.  We will be only to happy to talk horses, farming, cattle or even the weather if you would like.








One thing you will see plenty of around the Box S (besides Horses) is BEEF!!!!!!! With over 350 pairs of Hereford and Angus cross cattle, our horses are bred, born and raised knowing cattle.


Pedigrees of any horses shown above are available.